Pampas Care

Receiving Your Pampas

Pampas is very delicate and requires special care when you first receive it. 

When you first receive your pampas in the mail, carefully remove it from the box and inner packaging.

When removing your pampas from the inner packaging, always pull the packaging up away from the stem. Pulling the packaging down will pull on the branches of the pampas plumes and might break or bend them.

When carrying or holding your pampas, always hold it by the stems and never by the plumes.

Fluffing Up Your Pampas

Your Pampas Grass may need a few days out of the shipping box to fluff up and restore its natural volume. To speed this process up, take your pampas outside and give it a light shake/twist. Then, place your pampas in the direct sunlight. The more sun your pampas gets, the more it will restore its natural volume 🌞.

Caring For Your Pampas

Pampas Grass is a dried flower & does not require water, so there's no need to ever water your Pampas Grass.

When inside, keep your pampas out of the direct sunlight, as this will prematurely dry the pampas out and increase shedding. 

If treated well, your pampas will last for years.